Placemaking 2020 – Sponsorships

What is Placemaking 2020?

In 2018, we embarked on a very large endeavor – the City of Gloversville and Fulton County Center for Regional Growth hosted a conference called Placemaking 101. The event brought together community members, business owners, city leaders and economic development professionals from across the state for a two-day conference focused on downtown revitalization from the community up. Placemaking 101 was an amazing success, putting Gloversville and Fulton County on the radar of regional, state and national entities.

This April, we will once again host a placemaking conference. Placemaking 2020 will be held April 29 and 30, 2020. The two-day conference will host nationally recognized experts in the field of community-driven economic revitalization. It will welcome over 100 people from our county, region and across the state. The conference is one part of our Placemaking Week which will include Placemaking 2020, a Placemaking Dinner Celebration and 100in1 Day: Gloversville.

Why sponsor the event?

Placemaking 2020 will cost roughly $20,000 to produce and we need the support of local businesses and business leaders to help make this event happen. Sponsorships range from $250 to $2,500 (full list of sponsorship levels and benefits are attached). In efforts like this, every dollar counts and every dollar will have a direct impact on the communities in Fulton County.

We recognize you may have some questions about Placemaking 2020, 100in1 Day: Gloversville and the Placemaking Week as a whole. Please feel free to reach out to me at any time via email at

Sponsorship Form

Sponsorship Details

Session Sponsor – $2,500

  • Listing as Session Sponsor (2 opportunities – 1 session sponsor day one, 1 session sponsor day two)
  •  3 conference registrations (includes breakfast & lunch)
  •  4 tickets to Placemaking Dinner
  •  Opportunity to speak prior to session (5 minutes)
  •  Listing as Session Sponsor in pre-event press release
  •  Full complement of advertising across all levels (print, website, social media, banners, etc.) – Logo
  •  Full page ad in program (black and white)
Sponsorship Form

Lunch Sponsor – $750

  •  Listing as Lunch Sponsor on banners at conference
  •  2 conference registrations
  •  2 free tickets to dinner
  •  Display “thank you” (logos) entering into lunch (names will be divided between two days of conference)
  •  Listing in pre-event press release
  •  ¼ page ad in program

Breakfast Sponsor – $500

  •  Listing as Breakfast Sponsor on banners at conference
  •  2 conference registrations
  •  2 free tickets to dinner
  •  Display “thank you” (logos) on table at breakfast (names will be divided between two days of conference)
  •  Listing in pre-event press release as major donor
  •  Listing in program
Sponsorship Form

Snack Sponsor (available during session breaks) – $250

  •  Name listed on event page
  •  Listing in press release
  •  1 registration to conference
  •  1 ticket to dinner
  •  Display “thank you” on snack table (names will be divided between two days of conference)

Honorary Committee Member – $175

  • Name listed on event page
  • 1 registration to conference
  • 1 ticket to dinner
  • Name tag identification as Honorary Committee Member
Sponsorship Form

Placemaking Dinner Sponsorships – April 29, 2020

Dinner Sponsor – $1,000

  • Listing as Dinner Sponsor
  • 2 conference registrations (includes breakfast & lunch)
  • 4 tickets to Placemaking Dinner
  • Logo on all display banners and materials at dinner
  • Display Dinner Sponsor “thank you” as guests enter dinner (logo)
  • Listing as Dinner Sponsor pre-event press release
  • ½ page ad in program
Sponsorship Form

Reception Sponsor (prior to dinner) – $500

  • Listing as Reception Sponsor
  • 2 conference registrations
  • 2 tickets to dinner
  • Display Reception Sponsor “thank you” as guests enter reception (logo)
  • Listing in pre-event press release as major donor
  • Listing in program

Downtown Supporter—$250

  • Listing as Downtown Supporter
  • 1 conference registration
  • 2 tickets to dinner
  • Listing in pre-event press release as donor
  • Listing in program
Sponsorship Form