Placemaking 101 Conference

April 18 & 19, 2018

Downtown Gloversville has begun to focus on placemaking more and more, but what is it? Placemaking is a way of working with the community to re-imagine and re-invent public spaces so they are once again the central focus on public life. Our work is place focused and people led. This means that everything we do is informed by community members and concentrates on what makes Gloversville unique.

Placemaking is a bottom-up economic development strategy that has been proven to be a sustainable model for change. It is slow, but the changes are long-lasting.

This April, Fulton County Center for Regional Growth will be hosting a Placemaking 101 conference in downtown Gloversville. The two-day experience will welcome economic development professionals from across the state, business owners, developers and community members for a primer on what placemaking is and how we can implement it in our corner of the world.

Nationally recognized speakers will share the theory and real-world practice of placemaking, providing practical tools for economic development. We are excited to be partnering with the Northeast Economic Development Association (NEDA) in the conference for an informative experience.

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