Artist in Residence Program

Gloversville has a rich history, one that is closely tied to the artisanal work of generations who called our city home. The architecture and institutions we are surrounded by reflect this cultured past and have been passed down to us in a way unparalleled to other cities in our region.

We are launching an Artist in Residence Program (ARP) in 2018. The selected artist has been tasked with creating a body of work that captures Gloversville as it begins the revitalization process.

The Artist in Residence Program includes:

  • Storefront art piece (to be unveiled winter 2018)
  • Community involvement in all public pieces
  • Gallery shows (April, August, November 2018 and January 2019)
    • To include publicly informed pieces and artwork created by the ARP
  • Postcard mailing campaign (beginning March 2018)
  • Maintaining Gloversville Arts website

The ARP is estimated to cost roughly $8,000 to maintain. We have applied for grants that will cover up to $4,500 of those costs but need community support to provide the community with a program that has the greatest impact on downtown.

2018 Sponsorship Form

Sponsorship Benefits

Sponsorships range from $150 to $2,500. Every sponsor is appreciated. Every sponsor will have a positive and lasting impact on downtown Gloversville.


2018 Sponsorship Form