Sponsorship Opportunities

2018 Downtown Sponsorship Opportunities

Artist in Residence Program – throughout 2018
Placemaking 101 Conference – April 18 & 19 (event has concluded)
Twilight Market – July 13, August 10 & September 14
Bacon Jam – September 29

2018 Sponsorship Form

Why partner in the 2018 events?

Sponsorship opportunities cover five programs throughout the year and provide funding for revitalization initiatives in downtown Gloversville.

Sponsorship benefits include cross-marketing through newspaper, radio, online, print, email and social media.

Downtown events in 2017 brought in over 6,000 people. The 2018 event season will see those numbers increase. As downtown events become more common and the numbers of attendees increases, your sponsorship provides an even greater exposure for you and your business.

We recognize our event sponsors in our pre-event marketing, day-of materials, and post-event recaps and thank you’s. Every sponsor is appreciated and we want to share that appreciation with the community. Pre- and post-event emails, social media and press releases call attention to you and your business, highlighting the positive impact you have on the community.

Your Impact

2017 put a spotlight on Downtown Gloversville like never before. The events that took place welcomed over 6,000 friends, families, and neighbors to downtown in a way not seen in years, but events are only one piece of the puzzle. The funds brought in from event sponsorships go beyond the event itself and helps enable larger programming downtown.

This year, our focus will be on expanding beyond downtown events and increasing important activities including an Artist in Residency, increased pedestrian safety and walkability downtown, and communication and outreach to new businesses, developers and residents. Your sponsorship of the following events goes straight toward the administration and execution of downtown programming, programming that shines a light on the unique, engaging downtown we love.

Your contribution will have a lasting impact on downtown Gloversville.

Incentives & Opportunities

We are offering bonus benefits to businesses and individuals who sign-up as sponsors prior to March 15, 208. These early-bird incentives are listed here and are event specific. There is also a discount for individuals and businesses who would like to sponsor multiple events throughout the year.

Title Sponsor

There is one over-arching Title Sponsor opportunity available. Event specific benefits are listed under each event for the Title Sponsor. The Title Sponsor will be listed as such in all media that comes out of the Downtown Development Specialist office as pertains to events and programs to help revitalize downtown Gloversville.

Please contact Jennifer Jennings at 518.725.7700 ext. 107 or jenniferj@fccrg.org to find out more about these exciting opportunities and assciated pricing.