Artist in Residence Program

Gloversville has a rich history, one that is closely tied to the artisanal work of generations who called our city home. The architecture and institutions we are surrounded by reflect this cultured past and have been passed down to us in a way unparalleled to other cities in our region.

2018 sees the launch of a pilot Artist in Residence Program (ARP). The selected artist, Nicolina Schonefarber, has been tasked with documenting downtown Gloversville over the course of a 12-month period. Pop-up shows, public art pieces and free workshops, in addition to a postcard marketing campaign and dedicated website will connect the community to the artisanal heritage of our city while also drawing attention to Gloversville from outside sources.

The goal of the ARP is to create a continuing catalog of work, throughout the years, dedicated solely to the people, places, and community that make Gloversville a great place to live, work and visit. Each year, the ARP will be tasked with the same directive: to document downtown through their specialized medium. Ms. Schonfarber specializes in art-text, a way of combining story with visual images and is a Gloversville resident.

The Artist in Residence Program will include

  • Storefront art piece (39 North Main Street)
  • Community involvement in public pieces
  • Gallery shows (April, August, November 2018 and January 2019)
    • To include publicly informed pieces and artwork created by the Artist in Residence
  • Postcard mailing campaign (to begin April 2018) – Sign up here to be on the mailing list!
  • Blog and website updates at

We are currently seeking community sponsorships to help fund aspects of the Artist in Residence Program. For more information, click here.