Place Focused. People Led.

Downtown Gloversville is in the midst of a renaissance, a change long sought and hard won. Businesses, people and life are coming back to the City’s urban core and it is based on one thing – place. The redevelopment of downtown is place focused and people led and centers around the practice of placemaking. This emphasis on working with the community to re-imagine and reinvent public spaces shows in the renewed attention to people, places and events that make downtown vibrant, and the positive actions that are being taken to ensure continued growth.

You Play A Role

Help us make downtown Gloversville a great place to live, work and visit. Volunteers are needed to lend a hand at organizations throughout downtown. Are you interested in making a positive impact on our community? If so, please click here to fill out our volunteer form.

Downtown Development Specialist

Jennifer Jennings is the Downtown Development Specialist in Gloversville. Her work focuses on events, programming and community building in order to make downtown a great place to live, work and visit. More information on the 2019 programs and events can be found on this website.

Do you have a question about downtown Gloversville, the programs we have available or the events we have planned? Feel free to reach out to Jennifer Jennings at 518.725.7700 ext. 107 or jenniferj@fccrg.org.