Pedestrian Safety In Downtown

Have you seen the new additions downtown?

Recently, the City Council voted to reduce the speed limit on Main Street (between Prospect and Forest Streets) to 25 miles per hour. A quick follow-up was the installation of new speed limit signs with a speed check digital display. The City’s DPW also has started to paint the crosswalks maroon and white for higher visibility. And today, we received delivery of pedestrian crossing signs for the North Main/Church Street intersection.ped crosswalk_2

Why are we doing all of these things?

Pedestrian safety is a major piece to downtown revitalization. Businesses do better when pedestrians feel comfortable crossing at crosswalks and strolling from one business to the next. Walkability is one of the top selling points to new downtown residents in surveys taken across the country.

ped crosswalk sign_6-2019.jpg

With these changes to the safe flow of traffic (both vehicle and people-powered) we are excited to see more community members and area visitors to our lovely, welcoming downtown business district.

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