Today’s The Day! 100in1 Day: Gloversville is officially here

Good morning all!

Today is the day and boy, are we AMAZED by the excitement, dedication and belief the City of Gloversville has shown over the last few weeks – hard work and love from the community that will shine brightly today.

As of 7:45 a.m. on 5/4/19 we are up to 81 activities. This number truly astounds the planning committee and we could not be more appreciative of all that you, our community, has done to make the first in the nation 100in1 Day event such an astounding success.

Official Activity List

We encourage you to sign-up last-minute activities!

While your activity won’t make it to the website today, it will be part of a final tally on Monday and your efforts will be recognized.

Activity Sign-up Form

Once again

Thank You

For helping make Gloversville a Weird, Wonderful and Proud place to live and work.

Are you going to be out and about today?

If so, please use the following hashtags in your social media posts. We want to see YOUR photos.


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