100 and 1 ideas for 100in1 Day

We are about to ramp up our planning for 100in1 Day: Gloversville, a day of 100 small actions and activities across the city to inspire positive change everyday of the year. 100in1 Day: Gloversville is one of the first in the United States and we want it to be amazing. But to be amazing, we need YOU to help.

Wondering about what we mean by 100 small actions and activities? Here are some ideas!

  1. Host a car wash for a community group
  2. Get your neighbors together and do a neighborhood-wide yard clean-up day
  3. Hand out free starter plants
  4. Set-up a table and help people make their own seed/starters themselves
  5. Sign-up to help clean a city park
  6. Sign-up with Project Clean Streets and adopt a street to clean for the day
  7. Give free high-5s to everyone you see
  8. Get a group together and sing on a street corner
  9. Volunteer with a local organization like the Regional Animal Shelter or the Cat Sanctuary
  10. Host a craft-making station
  11. Volunteer at the Senior Center
  12. Volunteer at a local food pantry
  13. Make paper flowers and hand to strangers you pass on the street
  14. Volunteer at the Glove Theatre for their spring-clean day
  15. Shop local and support our downtown businesses
  16. Host a story circle and read books to children
  17. Make signs that welcome every car entering the city
  18. Help an elderly neighbor with yard work or house work
  19. Get a group together and clean a section of the FJ&G Trail
  20. Help us do a downtown placemaking assessment and explore your city

Okay, that is not 100 and 1 ideas BUT you get the point. You may have the remaining 81 tucked up in your imagination and we have the perfect opportunity for you to share those ideas!

Join us on Saturday, March 9th from 9:30 to 1:30 at Mohawk Harvest Cooperative Market (30 N. Main Street) as we have a 100in1 Day: Gloversville idea drop-in session and volunteer sign-up.

Ready to sign-up now? Great! Here is the link to our activity/volunteer form.

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