What can happen in a day?

The answer is: So Much!

This May 4th, downtown Gloversville will be participating in an international movement called 100in1 Day. The event is meant to bring people together on one single day to perform 100 (or there abouts) acts of positivity for their community. This one day of service inspires the larger community to continue small acts the remaining 364 days of the year.

One day to inspire a year’s worth of good works.

We are currently looking for individual volunteers, community groups, businesses and local residents to join us. Activities can range in size and scope. A neighborhood can get together to plant flowers around stop signs and street signs or in an elderly neighbor’s front garden. A business can work with employees to clean up a City park. A family can volunteer to hand out free “thank you” cards to passersby at Four Corners. The possibilities are endless.

Would you like more information? Reach out to the Downtown Development Specialist’s office with your questions. You can email her at jenniferj@fccrg.org or use the sign-up form on our website.

Keep your eyes open!

We’ll be having 100in1 Day idea drop ins and brainstorming sessions in the coming weeks. Check out our Facebook page or this website for details on the dates and times.


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