Calling all downtown business owners!

In 2019, the DDS office will be launching an information, education and mentorship program working with local businesses. The first step in the process is a SWOT analysis. SWOT stands for Strengths—Weaknesses—Opportunities—Threats and is a collaborative process that takes place through a facilitated meeting and exchange of ideas. A survey on business needs and areas of opportunity and learning will be conducted following SWOT discussions.

Business SWOT Analysis

SWOTs can be a powerful tool for both businesses and communities. The process helps participants uncover opportunities that can be quickly taken advantage of for achievable successes and  provide a deeper understanding of weaknesses that face both businesses and the community. These weaknesses, once identified, can be conquered with a targeted plan, goals and action steps.

Join the Conversation

SWOTs are only as useful as the participants involved. To truly be able to create a targeted education and mentorship program in 2019, we will need as many business owners involved as possible in our discovery process. Once completed, the main issues brought up in the SWOT discussion will be translated into a survey for business owners throughout the DDS service area.

Would you like to have your voice heard? If so, please contact Jennifer Jennings, Downtown Development Specialist at or at 518.725.7700 ext. 1004 to be included in the SWOT schedule.

copy of downtown gloversville(1)

Where is this leading?

Information gathered through the SWOT analysis and resulting business survey will aid in the creation of a quarterly program meant to provide education, assistance and mentorship to downtown businesses. We recognize as small business owners you have many needs that need to be met and little time to devote to planning and marketing. The quarterly program will be a prompt for you and your business with key items to think about. In addition, CRG’s The Center will have experienced volunteers and staff on-hand to help you bring your ideas and goals into reality. The coordinated effort—DDS, CRG and you—will build a stronger, successful downtown business district.


If you have any questions about this new program, or would like to schedule a chat with the DDS, please feel free to reach out at any time to Jennifer Jennings at either or 518.725.7700 ext. 1004.


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