It’s almost here!

We are putting on the final touches for next week’s Placemaking 101 conference – and we cannot wait to share all the amazing things with you!

Where will sessions be held?

Opening sessions will be held at Fulton County Center for Regional Growth with break-out sessions at spots around downtown Gloversville, all just a few minutes walk from each other. Why did we do this? Well, we want you to be able to get out and experience our little corner of the world (and to get some fresh air too!).

Session locations are indicated on the conference schedule, available here.

Session Locations:

Fulton County Center for Regional Growth (CRG)
34 West Fulton Street, Gloversville

Fulton-Montgomery Regional Chamber of Commerce
2 North Main Street, Gloversville

First Congregational Church
31 East Fulton Street, Gloversville

See out the site-map here!

Where can we park?

There are quite a few public parking lots in downtown Gloversville. Parking is available behind the CRG building along with lots along Bleecker and Elm Streets. Some on-street parking is also available. Parking is indicated on the site-map and there will be signs the day-of to point you in the right direction!

Parking is indicated on our site-map. Do you have specific questions about parking? Please call Jennifer at 518.725.7700 ext. 1004.



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