2018 Programming Goes Beyond Events

Sponsorship dollars go beyond the downtown events, helping us provide important programming downtown. Outreach to the community includes regular mailings to downtown businesses, roundtable discussions and community presentations featuring national experts.

Current programming includes:

  • Monthly newsletter to downtown businesses
  • Quarterly enews updates to the community
  • Monthly Grassroots Gloversville meetings – an informal opportunity to talk about our hopes, goals and actions for downtown
  • Quarterly women’s discussion group
  • Quarterly business owner’s roundtable

Programming will be expanding throughout 2018 in Downtown Gloversville. The funds generated from event sponsorships will help to bring the following initiatives to fruition.

New programming includes:

  • Wayfinding signs from the arterial, parking signs for public lots and pedestrian wayfinding signs
  • Crosswalk safety enhancements including clear signage and traffic calming measures
  • Postcard marketing campaign to encourage new businesses, residents and visitors
  • Pilot Downtown Ambassador program to increase general maintenance and safety in the business district

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