2018 Event Sponsorship Information

Your Impact

2017 put a spotlight on Downtown Gloversville like never before. The events that took place welcomed over 6,000 friends, families, and neighbors to downtown in a way not seen in years, but events are only one piece of the puzzle. The funds brought in from event sponsorships go beyond the event itself and helps enable larger programming downtown.

This year, our focus will be on expanding beyond downtown events and increasing important activities including an Artist in Residency, increased pedestrian safety and walkability downtown, and communication and outreach to new businesses, developers and residents. Your sponsorship of the following events goes straight toward the administration and execution of downtown programming, programming that shines a light on the unique, engaging downtown we love.

2018 Events

We have a full events season planned for 2018 with familiar favorites and a few new opportunities to enjoy yourself in downtown Gloversville. Full information on the 2018 Events Calendar can be found here.

Downtown events include:

2018 Sponsorship Form

Interested in becoming a sponsor of one or more of our events? Click here for more details about our sponsorship packages. Please contact Jennifer Jennings, Downtown Development Specialist at 518.725.7700 ext. 107 or jenniferj@fccrg.org.

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