Gloversville Today & Tomorrow

Gloversville is in the midst of a renaissance, a change long sought and hard won. Businesses, people and life are coming back to the City’s urban core and it is based on one thing – place. The redevelopment of downtown is place focused and people led. The emphasis on place shows in the renewed attention to people, places and events that make downtown vibrant; and a cooperative coalition of City, businesses, community and non-profit leaders who engage in positive actions that ensure continued growth.

2017 was a jump start to the process, but the work continues. The beauty of downtown Gloversville goes beyond the facades of our historic buildings and deep into the people that call the city home. An individual can have a lasting positive impact either by volunteering their time or by sponsoring a program or event.

As you read about the programs and events planned for 2018, please consider the impact your sponsorship or volunteer time will have on our community.

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